An open-source startup directory powered by community data.

Every profile is sourced from a public data set of people.json and company.json files in an open-source Github repository

Consuming Data

The Community Data Directory is organized into two sections: Companies and People. Each section contains a list of profiles, which can be filtered by available attributes, such as location, industry, and more.

Note that this repository is meant to be an example of the data available via the public GraphQL API. We encourage you to build your own applications using the API and share them in the registry of 3rd party applications .

Editing Data

Profiles can be edited by clicking the »Edit« link on the top right of each profile page. This will take you to the Community Data Editor, where you can edit the profile's JSON document. The editor will validate the JSON document and will submit a Pull Request to the main data repository. If the JSON document is invalid, the editor will display an error message and will not submit a Pull Request.